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We take this opportunity to share my personal views about our company and its formation. While working with various organization, groups in various capacities, I have strong felt that I am Very fortunate to have excellent education, good food, excellent health care facilities, good quality living, well-paying employment etc.

We consider myself fortunate because though we all know that rights to food, living, shelter, education, health care, opportunity to earn living are fundamental rights, very few people in the third world societies like ours get. We were deeply moved by seeing the appalling poverty and backwardness of the masses even After all these years of independence. While one side technology is advancing, information technology is changing the very face of Life, gap between the haves not’s is widening, various new and more hazardous diseases life, AIDS are threatening the society, cost of living is sky-rocketing and life expectancy is decreasing. Yield of crop is increasing but nutritional qualities of food are decreasing. Though it is estimated India is going to be the youngest country by 2010, unemployment is a Burning issue through all times.

We strongly feel that we have got a lot from our society, our nation and we owe our nation a lot. There are many areas in society that need our contribution; the where are various sectors where a lot needs to be done. During all these years we strongly feel need to set a machinery That would realize our ideas.

We have opted for a unique marketing strategy for this product network marketing. It has maximum earning potential and no risk, on investment. It will be a blessing for economically backward youth.